Financing pathways for climate change and sustainable development

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Rabia Greening Finance was formed in 2007 to focus on financing strategies for climate change and sustainable development.  Our clients are typically developing and developed country governments, financial and other technical partners, development and research institutes.  

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Our vision is for developing countries to have long term and secure access to finance to support their climate and sustainable development goals.  We see a finance system where all sources of finance are working together and directed towards these climate and sustainable development goals.

Our services include development of financing strategies, securing access to finance for green programmes and projects, conducting research on greening financial systems and related policy development and conducting training programmes on the climate and green finance.

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Chantal Naidoo

Chantal Naidoo has served in a variety of financial service roles since 1993 - tax consultant, investment banker, development financier and green finance policy developer. Rabia was formed in 2007 to develop strategic approaches to financing climate change and sustainable development.  Relevant work includes setting up the Development Bank of Southern Africa's Environmental Finance Unit, the national Green Fund and research on financing strategies for national climate action. Her work has led her across Africa and parts of Latin America working with national governments on financing strategies, project developers and development agencies.  She enjoys quiet walks on frosty mornings and indigenous gardening.

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